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Human Perfect
Human Perfect is a short science fiction story about spies in the android industry. If an android can pass for human, it is "human perfect." But what if you can't tell?

Upgrade This!

Upgrade This! is another android story. I'm actually not a fan of real-life androids. Honda's Asimo scares the crap out of me. LOL But I love writing about them.  Upgrade This! came out of an article I read years ago about a toy that used barcodes to let children interact with them. No idea now what that toy was, but if you know, feel free to share the info. I'd love to hear. This short-short was designed around the idea of androids using equipment they weren't authorized to have, and could be classified as humor.

Whiskey and Wine
Whiskey and Wine is the short story that inspired Surrender Love. It was conceived on the hottest night of the year -- July 4th -- when our air conditioner had conked out and I couldn't seep because of the heat. I had this idea running around in my head and finally got up to write it. 

We had company that weekend (a young lady who eventually became my daughter-in-law) and it was so miserably hot in the house that we were sleeping with all the windows and inside doors open to let in as much air as possible. I didn't want to turn on a light and wake anyone, so I sat at my computer with the screen off, and used the light from my laser mouse to write by. I held it with my left and and wrote with my right. Every now and then it would turn off, and I'd have to give it a shake. ;)

I wrote enough of the story so that I'd be able to remember it the next day, and finally got into bed. I ended up submitting it to a monthly short feature that probably isn't online anymore. But a few years later, I needed an idea for a book with the character Luc Saint-Cyr, who was in this story. I changed a few details, and it became a catalyst for Surrender Love. Here's the rewritten story with details that will match the book. 

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