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Inside the Secret Society of the CHOSEN

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The Chosen serve the immortals known as Sempervians. Like any group, it has its hidden alignments, mistrust, and mistakes. It also harbors enemies and spies within its ranks -- some known and tolerated, others hidden behind layers so convoluted even the ones who live forever haven't figured them out.

Chosen is an acrostic for:
Called to serve
Honored to protect
Obedient to the vow
Safeguards of the truth
Enablers of life
Neutralizers of threats

This won't give away the plot -- just the focus of the stories. The Tales of the Chosen trilogy at Liquid Silver Books focuses on relationships among Luc Saint-Cyr, Wulf Gabriel, Alitus Vivaldi, and Rheyn Destoiya. It's a complex tangle, and begins with Luc and Wulf, jumps to Alitus and Rheyn, and ends with Alitus and Wulf.

In Wulf, immortal Luc Saint-Cyr rescues his Chosen, Wulf Gabriel, and their relationship as lovers begins. In Alitus, the relationship of Alitus with Rheyn (another immortal) alters when she is required to test Alitus before he can become her Chosen. In the final book, we meet Jawk, the Chosen of an immortal whose identity is obscure until the end of the story. Jawk's hidden agenda slices through the cozy partnerships previously established, and sets the immortals at one another's throats. Things will never be the same between any of them.

Here's a quick peek at each book.
Lust. Power. Forgiveness. Can a romance live forever?
To survive, superstar Wulf Gabriel must depend on the one man he swore he would never trust again - the most powerful and feared man in the empire - the Harbinger. Saving Wulf is simple; gaining his trust will take reaching into the Harbinger's own dark past and facing a truth he's avoided since the night Wulf's father died. ...Because of him.
Wulf: Tales of the Chosen
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance (Male/Male)
(Note: this book was BANNED by Apple and iTunes -- it's too hot for them!)

Passion. Addiction. Loyalty. Can true love bare its heart forever?
Alitus Vivaldi is a Better, an enhanced human bred for intelligence, discipline, and responsiveness. His combined talents in bed and politics take him from the Conqueror's favorite pleasure slave to her personal assistant. To help the Conqueror accomplish her secret agenda, he willingly forsakes his identity and pride, but when he must prove he's overcome his greatest fear, not even the noble Alitus is above temptation.
Surrender Love
Alitus: Tales of the Chosen
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance (Male/Male, Male/Female)

Pleasure. Trust. Possession. Is a betrayal of the heart forever?
Jawk Brighton works at Batchelors, a hip gay restaurant/club in the Top Tier district of Tarth City, where he meets the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr. Luc offers Jawk a deal too good to pass up, one night showing him and his Chosen, Wulf Gabriel, a good time in exchange for far more than his usual pay. But one night with the sensual Jawk will change the relationship between the immortal and his Chosen --

Jawk: Tales of the Chosen
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance (Male/Male, Male/Male/Male)

Forbid My Heart 
In the secret society of the Chosen, being gay or straight is no different from being brown-eyed or blue-eyed. No one notices. But disloyalty? That's an offense punishable by death. No trial needed. In this trilogy, everyone's loyalty is questioned. How can you tell which follower is loyal to which leader? Factor in leaders who have dual allegiances, and knowing who to trust takes on a whole new level of danger -- especially if you live forever.

Other books featuring these immortals and their Chosen include Surrender Love, and Forbid My Heart from Loose Id.

Kayelle Allen's Tales of the Chosen series: Wulf, Alitus, Jawk.
Loose Id books continuing the story
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