Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Revenant by Janet Elizabeth Jones #vampire

RevenantRevenant by Janet Elizabeth Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Janet Elizabeth Jones sweeps the reader into a different time and place seamlessly. The rhythm and majesty of her words elevates this book from the common vampire story and into a classical work of literary art. While this may make the book sound too lofty for a sensual romp, that is far from true. The scene when Ellory teaches Talisen how to play pool, using both his own body as well as his powers to show her the truth of what he is made the fine hair on my neck stand up. It was eerie, yet one of the most sensual scenes in the book. It's also the pivot point around which the rest of the book rests.

This is not your usual vampire fare. There are no "sparkles" or faint-hearted heroines who need to be rescued. Talisen holds her own and does her best to save Ellory. In fact, her sacrifice for him is the reason for the title of this book. If you want fluff -- read something else. This is vampire romance for the real fan.

I adore vampire books, and treasure the many I own. This ranks above them all. Highly recommended.

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