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At the Mercy of Her What? by Kayelle Allen

Here's a peek at the way my book, At the Mercy of Her Pleasure got its name.
At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Senth Antonello holds a lofty position in the elite Thieves' Guild. Drugged since puberty to suppress his feral half-feline side, nothing suppresses his daredevil, risk-loving human half. His master offers him a deal. Work with NarrAy Jorlan, a Better, an enhanced woman with addictive, pleasure-laced pheromones, and Senth's master will buy and free Senth's cruelly enslaved older brother. The job? Grab-and-go. The condition? Remain a virgin. The drug Senth takes ensures it, no matter how tempting the woman or her pheromones. The problem? Nothing goes right. The job outlasts the drug's effect. All Senth wants is one touch, one kiss, one oh-so-tempting lick of NarrAy's perfect, lush skin. The downside? With his brother's freedom at stake, how can he risk putting himself at the mercy of her pleasure?

Warning: Contains half-feline thief who plays with what he steals, and a by-the-book military heroine whose passion he liberates. Author not liable for items missing once book is open, including hearts.
"You know your brother's master and I are old…friends." Luc Saint-Cyr's emphasis on the last word sent a chill up Senth's spine. "I want to help Khyffen. He'd be an exceptional asset to my face business."
For Women Only was Saint-Cyr's private security company and one of the faces for his true business. It offered premium protection services to celebrity female clientele.
"Thank you, sir."
"You offered once to bargain for his freedom." Saint-Cyr stopped on the stairs, and then turned back. "Are you still open to that?"
Senth leaned forward. "Yes, sir! Whatever it takes."
Saint-Cyr shook a finger at him. "What have I told you about being too eager?"
"Sorry, Sen'dai." He hung back. "You surprised me."
"Bargains are always a surprise. Keep that in mind."
"Sen'dai." He lowered his head in respect.
"Senthys, you'll be free in two years. Khyffen still has eight. Suppose I were to guarantee his freedom in less than a week?"
Senth tried not to show his glee, but a smile pasted itself across his face anyway.
The Harbinger closed his solid black eyes, head shaking in a way that said, What am I to do with you?
"I'm sorry, sir! You've never lied to me. I trust your word."
The black-skinned man gazed down at him for a silent moment. He nodded and laid a hand on Senth's shoulder. "And well you should."
"What do I have to do, sir, for Khyff's freedom?"
"The job we're meeting about tonight will bring in a fortune for us, but it holds extreme risk for you. I don't usually give you a choice, but this time I'm going to because of the job's importance. I'm also offering to buy Khyffen and free him. In return, I want a few promises."
"You know I want this, sir. I'll do whatever it takes."
The Harbinger's mouth lifted at one side. "Never admit that to anyone either."
"Yes, sir."
"Senthys, you understand why I've kept you on Shackle?"
While Khyff's master had addicted him to Thrust, which put his sex drive into overload, Shackle did the opposite to Senth. From puberty forward, he'd never known life without it. The drug also controlled aggression.
"Yes, Sen'dai," he answered swiftly. "I never want that to happen again."
"Good." The Harbinger tapped a knuckle against his mouth, frowning at him. "You know what they'd do to you if it did, don't you? Where they'd take you?"
"Yes, sir." He stiffened. "I don't want that."
"No, of course not. After five days without Shackle, you'll start withdrawal. Your heart will pound. Your head will feel like it's splitting apart. And for several days, you'll have a semi permanent erection. You understand what that means?"
"Yes, Sen'dai. I'd be as high and strung out as Khyff is on weekends."
"Well put. There's a possibility of stroke if you quit cold. It's extremely dangerous. You must taper off the drug. Do you understand?"
He nodded. "I do, sir."
"This job should take four days, so it's important that you return as soon as it's over."
"Yes, sir."
"I'll dose you before you leave to ensure you have the full five-day effect."
"Thank you, sir."
"The reason I've told you all this is because you'll be working side by side with a Better."
Senth opened his mouth, shut it again, and then mouthed, Better?
"Listen to me, my young Deshai. Despite the romantic nonsense you've heard about Betters being extraordinary lovers, their kisses can poison you. If her saliva mixes with yours, she can control your mind. The touch of her hands will drive you insane. There are ancient myths about sirens, women who used their voices to lure men and then slay them. Betters aren't mythical. They're real. If she subjects you to her passion, you'll be at the mercy of her pleasure forever."

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Forbid My Heart

Meet the Harbinger -- Senth's adoptive father in the upcoming book Forbid My Heart: A Luc and Rah Story, from Loose Id April 23, 2013. The book will be FREE until April 28th, and its prequel, Surrender Love will be on sale (reg. $7.99, now $5.99). It's a wonderful chance to meet the Harbinger of the Tarthian Empire.

Forbid My Heart: A Luc and Rah Story

By Kayelle Allen

Waking in the middle of the night, Izzorah begins to worry. His lover has pledged to take him back to visit his homeworld, but Izzorah knows the fact that they're gay could cause their death if the Kin Pride Council hears about it. Izzorah's heart tells him to trust Luc, but his fear is real. He snuggles up to Luc, seeking comfort.
Luc is immortal. He has the perspective to understand his lover's concerns, and not worry about them. He tries to distract Izzorah with a sexy game of dominance and submission played during their shared shower. Izzorah's unreserved trust and respect make Luc long to wipe out any shadow of trouble or sorrow. He would turn the Kin homeworld upside down to protect him, but convincing Izzorah he can do it will mean confessing a truth Luc is not yet ready to share.
Each must learn: where the heart leads -- follow.

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