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Rah Goes Mowt Hunting #sfrb #humor

Mowts are similar to mice.

Rah Goes Mowt Hunting
A standalone story featuring Luc Saint-Cyr and Izzorah Ceeow from Surrender Love
Copyright © 2013 by Kayelle Allen

Setting up the scene: Luc and Rah are in their penthouse atop the Nizamrak Building, watching their entertainment system. Luc decides to see if Rah’s Kin hearing is as good as a cat’s. 

Luc grabbed a handful of popcorn and crunched it. To his left, Izzorah watched the wall-sized screen, mindlessly eating a few kernels of popcorn at a time. The images held his attention completely. Luc slid his right hand down to the outside of the couch, and with one finger, made two quick scratches against the leather.

Izzorah’s closest ear twitched, but he didn’t look away.

Luc ate a bit more popcorn, and then gave another scratch.

“Did you hear that?” Izzorah turned to him.

“Hear what?”

“Sounded like a mowt.”

Luc frowned. “What would a rodent from your homeworld be doing two hundred stories above ground on Tarth?”

Cocking his ears back and forth, Izzorah waited a moment. At last, he shook his head. “Never mind. Must’ve imagined it.”

After a minute, Luc scratched the couch again.

Izzorah put down his popcorn. “Okay, Luc, now I know you had to hear that!”

“Hear what?” He used his right hand to pick up some popcorn.

“I’m telling you, there’s a mowt in here.” He stood and walked around the couch, peering at the edges.

Luc turned his head to keep him in view. “What are you doing?”

“Mowt hunting.”

“How can you be hunting if you don’t have a gun?”

“Don’t be silly.” Izzorah laid back his ears. “Indoors, you use a broom.”

“What, and smack them?” He mimed whacking a broom onto the ground.

“No. You stick the handle under the couch and scare them out, and then you grab ‘em. I could go for a mowt. Haven’t eaten one since -- wow. I can’t remember.”

“I’ll stick to this.” Luc tossed up some popcorn and caught it with his mouth.

“Maybe you shouldn’t do that.” Izzorah motioned to the bowl. “I’ll bet that’s why there are mowts up here. They smelled popcorn on the floor.”

“Are you kidding me? You think McDoth would let one kernel of popcorn stay where it didn’t belong? That android is compulsive about cleaning. No way we have mowts.”

“I know what I heard.” Izzorah knelt and peered under the couch.

When he did, Luc scratched the edge with his fingertip.

Izzorah yanked up his head.

Luc did it again, and then broke into laughter.

Rah took a flying leap and tackled him, knocking popcorn everywhere.

Laughing the entire time, Luc went down with arms and legs flailing. He and Izzorah tussled for a moment before Luc rolled his lover beneath him. He slanted his mouth over Izzorah’s, and felt him yield to the kiss. The taste was salty, with a hint of popcorn, and a tang of aroused male. He stroked his tongue into his lover’s mouth for more.

Izzorah responded with ardor, wrapping both arms around him. He kissed the tip of Luc’s nose. “You’re fun to wrestle with.”

He brushed his lips across Rah’s. “I love teasing you. You’re not mad, are you?”

“No, but that was sneaky.” Izzorah extended one claw tip.

“I can’t believe you fell for it.”

He chuckled. “Neither can I.”

Surrender Love
Luc sat up, and held out a hand to Izzorah. They stood together, and began brushing off their clothes.

McDoth, passing through the room, stopped and stared at the popcorn on the floor. “Look at this mess! I must clean that up immediately. We’ll draw mowts.”

Luc and Rah looked at one another and grinned.

“And what is so funny about mowts? I’m fetching a broom.”

They broke into gales of laughter.

McDoth gave them an indignant glare.


Coming April 23, 2013: Forbid My Heart, a Luc and Rah story, from Loose Id. This couple is also featured in Surrender Love.

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