Monday, February 4, 2013

Skype Phones: Save Money on Calls #moneytips

How much do you spend on phone calls in a year? Not cell phones -- a landline. If you need a phone you can use at home (or anywhere you have computer access) you might consider getting a Skype phone. I have one, and I love it. People can call me just like they would any phone. The difference is that I answer it sitting at my computer, wearing a headset. I got mine to use for my at home business, The Author's Secret.

It saves a ton of money. Unlimited calls, voice mail, and call forwarding cost me about $60 year through Skype.  It stores all my contacts and I can call with a click of a button. I can instant message anyone on Skype, too. If they have a Skype app on their cell, I can text them. Text is available for other phones too, for an additional fee. People who have Skype can call each other without a phone -- you just use your headset. It's free between users.

I can drag a huge document into the window and it sends the file. My son works with me making banners, and we regularly share photoshop documents. These are huge -- bigger than you can email. It's a simple click + drag to send it.

I don't get anything for recommending the service. I just think it's the coolest thing ever. I've had mine since 2011, and I love it. You can even give Skype gift cards. Might be a good thing if you have a student away from home. There are international rates and numbers. Find out more by going here.

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