Sunday, February 10, 2013

MFRW Bloghops is Born! @MFRW_ORG #MFRWorg

MFRW Firsts Hop
 Have you seen the hashtag #MFRWorg lately? If you haven't, you soon will. It's being used my members of the Marketing for Romance Writers organization to promote various activities. Since there are more than 1700 of us, we expect it to be all over the Twitterverse before long.

Our motto is "Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed." We are open to the entire literary community. We teach our members about marketing and publicity, and work together to provide opportunities. We brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and find others for mutual promotion. 

I founded the group in 2006 to help a dozen friends. We now there are more volunteers than that. We are involved all over the web, and are constantly looking for ways to help our members promote their books and their brand. This weekend, we're launching a new program -- MFRW Bloghops.

This isn't a Linky Follower hop. Those are great -- I take part in them myself. Instead, this uses a unique software that creates a ribbon across the top of the screen and enables readers to ride along and visit sites in the hop, without worrying about losing their place. If they stop, look around, go visit Twitter, or jump over to some other site, when they come back or go to the beginning site, they are immediately back in queue and can go right to the next stop. Easy peasy. We plan to do four types of hops: mainstream, erotic, GLBT, and Young Adult.

To that end, we created a position for Bloghop Coordinator, and that is filled by the very capable Kristyn Phipps. She's done a bang up job on the hop program so far, and this weekend will be her chance to shine. Hop assistants are Mona Karel, Qwillia Rain, Scarlett Metal, Wt Prater, Ana Kenley, Nicole Morgan, Danita Minnis, and Catrina Barton. (click links to find them on Twitter)

To take part in our hops, visit this site: MFRW Bloghops.
Our "Firsts Hop" Navigation Bar
We also have Facebook pages where authors and readers can interact. See the list below for the one that appeals to you. Authors who are interested in joining us can visit the first site to sign up. Membership is free, and includes training, opportunities to promote, and places to serve and help others.

Come find us on the web:

MFRW Workshops
Marketing Blog:
MFRW Banner Project

MFRW Bloghops

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