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Luc and Rah Find the Kiss Channel #KissYou

Surrender Love

Setting up the scene: This is a continuation scene not found in the original book. Luc Saint-Cyr and Izzorah Ceeow from Surrender Love have had a long day. They're in their penthouse atop the two-hundred-plus story Nizamrak Building, chilling in front of the entertainment system. Imperinet is the Tarthian Empire version of Internet and every cable and satellite channel known to man. Luc is in charge of the remote. Let's watch what happens.

Izzorah brought a big bowl of popcorn over to the couch, and sat down next to Luc. "What are we going to watch?"
"I was looking for the Fists." He pointed the remote at the wall-sized screen. Images flashed past, too fast for Izzorah to follow. "Can't seem to find a game."
"The Fists are a sports team?"
Luc swiveled to look at him as if he'd just noticed he wasn't alone. "What?"
Uh oh. Guess I should have known that. "Sorry. I was blind for many years, remember? Kind of hard to get into sports when you can't see what's going on." The faint scent of melon drifted to him, and he recognized it as Luc's compassion for him. Being able to smell emotion had helped make up for that disability. He smiled. "Maybe I can learn."
"Of course you can." Luc leaned over and kissed him. "Come sit on my other side, will you?" He gestured with the remote. "I'm better with this with my right hand, and I want to cuddle with you."
Izzorah stood up and moved over. The man wrapped an arm around him, and Izzorah rested his head against Luc's shoulder.
"That's better. And now I can reach the popcorn." Luc grinned, grabbing a handful of the treat. He popped it in his mouth.
Izzorah picked up a piece that had fallen on Luc's shirt, and fed it to him. He lingered at Luc's mouth, tracing one finger along his lips.
Luc kissed his fingertip, and smiled at him. Pointing the remote, he scrolled through more channels, pausing for a moment here or there. He'd grab a handful of popcorn, and eat a few kernels, but then shove the rest in his mouth and change the channel. Just when Izzorah would begin to figure out what he was seeing on the screen, it would change again. After a few minutes of watching the switching images, he gave up on getting interested and focused on the popcorn. No matter what Luc was watching, it felt good being held.
Eventually, the screen stopped showing sports channels, and began showing other things. Music groups flashed on the screen, and then scenes from holovids. Nature programs came on, and images of animals flashed past. There were scenes of waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and deserts, but Luc left none of them up for more than a few seconds. Izzorah got dizzy trying to watch.
At last, he reached out and took the remote from Luc's hand, and changed the channel back.
"Hey!" He looked down at him. "I was watching that."
"No, you weren't. You weren't watching anything."
"I was trying to find something interesting."
Izzorah pointed the remote at Luc, and pressed several buttons. He thumbed the volume control, and then tapped a few more buttons.
Luc crinkled his brow . "What are you doing?"
"Trying to find the Kiss Izzorah Senseless channel." He slapped the remote against his other hand. "I don't think this thing is working."
Luc laughed. "Here." He picked up the popcorn bowl and set it aside, and then took the remote. "I think that channel's on this one." He pressed the Off button, and tossed the remote onto a nearby chair. "Let me show you."
He enfolded Izzorah into his arms, tugged him closer, and bent his head for kiss.

Surrender Love (a Tarthian Empire Story)

Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Gay Romance, LGBT, Multicultural
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