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Naughty New Year: Taste of Lust #NSFW

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I must begin by warning you about this book. In a word, it’s H-O-T, and definitely not safe for work. Wulf, Tales of the Chosen was banned by the iBookstore and iTunes for objectionable content. It is, however, available at many other places online. There are links at the end, and you can check out another excerpt on my website, download wallpaper featuring the characters, and read more about the guys in other books set in the Tarthian Empire universe. Below is a scene from the book. The image included shows Luc and Wulf in a scene.

Showered, shaved, and shampooed, Wulf wrapped himself in a thick, white terrycloth robe and climbed onto the bed as Saint-Cyr directed. His lover pushed the table over to the bedside and sat next to him.
"Okay, love. I'm going to feed you and I want you to relax and simply enjoy it. All right? Are you ready?"
“First up, a bit of sweet, dark chocolate."
Wulf opened his mouth and accepted the flat brown wafer Luc set on his tongue. The familiar taste soothed. "Delicious. Dark chocolate is my favorite. Especially with cherries inside it."
Saint-Cyr licked his fingers. "Mmm, mmm, mmm. Some ancient societies called chocolate 'nourishment of the gods'. It's easy to see why, and that was only a small taste." Saint-Cyr touched the outside of a tiny, flowered teapot. "Good, still hot." He lifted it and poured into two tiny cups.
Wulf took the cup and saucer, sipped it carefully. Sweet, creamy, and hot, it had an underscore of coffee and chocolate. "Oh, this is wonderful! What is it?"
"Chocolate Espresso Crème."
"Yum." He allowed the warm liquid to rest on his tongue. "So good."
"Coffee, especially espresso, can boost the body and the mind. In preparation for lovemaking--" Luc leaned toward him and Wulf moved to accept his kiss. "Mmm, I love the way you taste." He frowned. "Where was I?"
Wulf smiled. "Preparation for lovemaking?"
"When preparing for sex, it's best to take coffee in small quantities. Don't want it to make you nervous."
When Wulf finished the drink, Saint-Cyr took his cup and set it aside.
Saint-Cyr smiled over at him. He reached into a deep white bowl and withdrew a brown, bulbous shape that dripped with water.
"Ooh! What is that?" Wulf rose a bit, but the table made the bowl too high to see into it. "I've never seen one of those before."
"They're not grown in the empire. They're called figs." He dried his fingers on a napkin and picked up the fig once more. "Some consider them a sexual stimulant. Men who love women find them especially erotic."
"Why is that?" He scooted closer so he could see.
"Watch." Luc held the fig between his hands, both thumbs on the thick bulb. He pressed down and pulled, opening the fruit. Inside, thick dark fruit glistened with moisture.
"Oh-m'god. It's like a woman's..." He swallowed, unexpectedly stirred by the sight. His shaft thickened. "I never expected..."
"What? That the thought of a woman could arouse you?"
Wulf leaned into Saint-Cyr's shoulder with his own. "Yeah. Seeing you do that, though, in this context... Wow." He shivered.
"I enjoy seeing you blush and squirm." Saint-Cyr kissed him. "I've lived far too long not to have tried just about anything sexual, Wulf." He lifted one shoulder. "There are a few exceptions, things I'll never do for personal reasons, but there are so many I would like to share with you. Now, time for a bite. Open up." He tore off a small piece of the fig and placed it on Wulf's tongue. "Hold it against your teeth and flick it with your tongue. Think about how it feels. Do you like it?"
The wrinkled texture on the outside felt like skin; the sweet fruit inside had a gritty feel against his tongue. "Mmm. Tastes like dates."
He lowered his lashes. "Kiss me. I want to taste it in your mouth."
Wulf lifted his mouth to his lover, parting his lips for the kiss. Saint-Cyr swept his tongue inside. Wulf tilted back his head, moaning at the tender invasion.
"Mmm." He wrapped his arms around him. "I love the way you give yourself to me. You're so trusting. So sweet."
Wulf held onto him, needing closeness, wanting to hold him like this forever.
Saint-Cyr changed the angle with which he held him, pushed them both back against the pile of pillows. "I’m going to feast on your mouth awhile."
A hot whimper escaped Wulf's mouth. The man teased every corner of his mouth. Saint-Cyr darted his tongue along Wulf's lips, licked the corners, and delved deep inside, stroking his tongue. His warmth soothed, all along Wulf's body.
He arched his neck as his lover nibbled down his throat, pausing to lick here and there. Melting, Wulf panted, his thoughts aflame. Though Saint-Cyr kissed him and caressed his body, he hadn't yet touched his nipples, balls, or cock. Yearning for his touch made Wulf clutch him harder, pulling him back up to his mouth for a kiss.
Saint-Cyr pulled back, smiled, and then sat up and turned toward the table. "Do you like avocado?" He picked up the dark green pear-shaped fruit and a paring knife.
"I've had it in dips and as a face mask." Wulf rested a hand on Saint-Cyr's thigh.
"It's delicious all by itself." He ran the knife around the avocado lengthwise, twisted it and pulled it apart. He set one half down and squeezed the other one like a lemon wedge, forcing the green fruit inside to push out. "Here. Taste this." He used two fingers of his other hand to scoop up the soft fruit and offer it on his fingertips.
Wulf leaned forward and placed his hand beneath Saint-Cyr's, bringing it to his mouth. He licked all of it from his fingers, stroking his tongue across the fingers and up along his palm. He pressed his lips against the center.
Saint-Cyr drew him up for kiss, and then smiled. “More?”
He pinched the avocado skin to push out more of the green fruit.
Wulf took the avocado from him and brought it to his mouth. He sucked the fruit into his mouth, leaned forward, and pressed his lips against Luc's. When he opened his mouth, Luc licked the avocado off his tongue and ate it.
Wulf sighed. "Where else would you like me to put this?"
"Allow me." Saint-Cyr scooped some of it from the outer shell and rubbed it across Wulf's chest. He bent to lick it clean, flicking his tongue across Wulf's nipples in turn.
"Oh..." He leaned back his head. "I thought you'd never get to that."
Chuckling, Saint-Cyr circled his tongue around each nipple. He sucked at first one, then the other.
Wulf writhed. "Oh, oh more."
Saint-Cyr stretched out beside him and put his hands behind Wulf, pulling his chest forward. "Put your hands over your head for me, love."
He reached back and gripped the edge of the mattress.
Luc clamped his mouth across one nipple and sucked.
Wulf cried out, digging his heels into the bed and arching toward him.
"That's right. Let me hear your passion." He teased the other nipple the same way, then held it between his teeth, and battered it with the tip of his tongue.
"Oh, god..." Wulf sucked in a breath and let it out raggedly. The heat in his cock and balls pushed thought far from him. The sensual bites and licks drove him over the edge. His back bowed.
Sobbing his release, Wulf came, his hot seed spattering his own chest and belly.
"Oh, yes, love." Saint-Cyr wrapped a hand around Wulf's cock and pumped it until he drained him. "That's right," he cooed. "Come for me."
Wulf trembled, his body still stiff as his cock. He accepted his lover's kiss, wrapping his arms up and around him as Saint-Cyr bent over to kiss him.
Saint-Cyr pulled back a bit. "You're so sensual. So open." He stroked a hand down Wulf's wet belly. "Look at you. Coming from having your nipples teased. You're going to be such a pleasure in bed tonight. I can't wait to get inside you."
"Fuck me, Luc. Take me." He rained kisses all over his face. "Please, please take me."
"I will. Repeatedly. In good time." He pushed his fingers down Wulf's belly and into his thatch of curls, down underneath his sac.
Sensitized from his climax, Wulf gasped. "Oh..."
Luc cupped his hand beneath Wulf's balls and cradled them. "Your balls belong to me, love. Every time you empty these, it will be for my pleasure."
"Yes, Luc." He spread his legs wider. "All of me is yours."
He bent to lap lazily at each nipple.
Wulf sucked in a sobbing breath.
"Your nipples belong to me, too." He pressed a soft kiss against each one. "When I want them, you'll bare them for me."
Wulf and Luc
Wulf choked, so hot he could barely breathe. "Yes, Luc."
"Open your mouth for me, Wulf."
He parted his lips, closing his eyes as Saint-Cyr leaned down to kiss him.
The sweet invasion of tongue sparked such heat inside him Wulf groaned. He arched his neck, head tilted back to lift his mouth.
"Mmm, you're luscious." Saint-Cyr ran his tongue along the edges of his lips, pausing to stroke inside, along Wulf's tongue. "You taste so sweet to me. Your mouth is mine, love. When I want your mouth, I will take it. Any way I choose."
Wulf nodded, too breathless to speak.
"This mouth..." Saint-Cyr trailed one finger along his lower lip. "This mouth was made to kiss me."
"And lick my skin."
"Oh yes."
"This mouth is going to suck my cock."
Moaning, Wulf nodded.
He slid one hand behind Wulf's head. "Kiss me."
Cradled in Luc’s arms, Wulf presented himself like a gift to the man he loved.

Image credit: Dreamstime, Photoxpress, art by Kayelle Allen
Cover art by Laura Givens

Wulf, Tales of the Chosen

by Kayelle Allen
Lust. Power. Forgiveness. Can a romance live forever?
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Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Gay Romance, LGBT, Multicultural
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