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Visit Spooky Scifi Planets @kayelleallen #amreading

Tarthian Tour Company.

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When I started writing Science Fiction Romance, I needed planets for my characters. Where were they born? What was it like there? This was my strong suit. After all, I'd been thinking about it all my life! I decided to create a "tour" of the Tarthian Empire on my website, and have art and information about each of the planets. This month, Coffee Time Romance designated the tour on my site as one of its elite spots -- one of the top twelve for the year. So, when the Just Romance Me blog tour came along, I figured the spookiest planet on Tarthian Tour Company's site would be perfect.

A little about the Tarthian Tour Company -- their slogan is "Where do you want to wake up tomorrow?" They can take you to any of over twenty planets or drop you off on side trips to visit the Conqueror's palace or see the Droid Discovery Force in action. There's an interactive star map where you can click the name of a world to visit its page. From each world's page, you can click the tour logo to return the company's home page or click the list on each page to visit any other planet in the empire.
Clicking the pictures on the tour itself will open them full-sized, and some are amazing to see. When my son was in art college, I forced him coerced him begged him he volunteered to help me create them. ^_^

Perfect But Abandoned

(image also available as Wallpaper)
The planet Drated was terraformed to perfection by the Terraformer's Circle of Fellowship. Two years after it was inhabited, it was abandoned. Rumors of mysterious deaths were denied vehemently by the Imperial Armada; however, not even a military outpost remains on the planet.

The Ministry of Emigration's official statement reads: "While terraforming is complete, the life-cycle of the planet Drated is not yet within parameters for habitation. Initial investigations revealed a lack of certain necessary nutrients in the soil which will be provided at the proper time. All inquiries should be directed to the Terraformer's Circle of Fellowship."

The TCF refuses to comment. Sources inside the corporation say that wild energy fields are not to blame as were previously reported. Speculation abounds.

Gates of Life

Gates of Life on Detiza
(art by Jamin Allen)
Archaeological digs on several barren worlds in the Tarthian Empire and all the non-human ones (Tyris, Felidae, and Ezraki) uncovered the ruins of towering arches. (See picture below) Natives called them the Gates of Life. For an idea of their true size, note the bottom left corner of the drawing.

It is speculated that they originated as monitoring devices for tracking the progress of genetic mutations, but no true use is known. Rituals of "passing through the Gates" after birth are common to Tyrans, Chiasmii, and Kin alike. All three worlds have legends that link the Gates to a god who descends from the sky in a burning chariot. The Tyrans called him Sandargen, the Chiasmii Arjensa, and the Kin Adel Jansaara. When translated to Etymis, the tradestandard language of the empire, all these names mean Saint of Silver.

A detailed description of this saint's arrival suggests a spacecraft. According to the legends, he was the size of a god, and had white hair. He always wore silver, and demanded a sacrifice of two virgins, male and female, which he took back to the sky with him. Those who did not please him, or had failed in worshiping at the Gates were punished severely, and some were killed. When thousands of years passed without the Saint of Silver's return, the inhabitants destroyed the Gates. Gates were also found on the planets Ohy and Sanity IV but there is no evidence that intelligent life ever existed on any of these worlds. What happened to the inhabitants is a mystery that is likely never to be solved.

Sanity IV - Gone Forever

Sanity IV
Sanity IV is nearing completion of mining. The myth that Sanity I, II, III and IV destroyed themselves in a civil war is false. They were surface-stripped and mined for raw materials, and exist now as asteroids in the Sanity system. The name origin is lost, but legend says Sanity IV began as a slang term in a song often sung by miners. The gravity well in the Sanity system makes it an ideal jump point. Occasionally, an errant asteroid interferes with navigation. It is a myth that jumping into Sanity IV's space can trigger space time disruptions. If that were true, events would repeat at random intervals. This has never been observed. If that were true, events would repeat at random intervals. The name origin is lost, but legend says Sanity IV began as a slang term in a song often sung by miners. Sanity IV is nearing completion of mining.

Begin your own tour

Click here to see all 22 planets and side trips:

Caution: While you're hanging out on the tour, or perusing the excerpt pages, be on the lookout for little icons that seem out of place. Clicking them might transport you to a hidden rebel base, or land you in the custody of the Praetorian. Whatever you decide, I hope you'll enjoy the visit to the Tarthian Empire, where Romance Lives Forever.

The winner of the blog contest was Jennifer M. picked her name from the list as my winner. Jennifer received a puzzle book and the first edition of the Tartian Empire Companion book, a nonfiction look at the tour on my website.
Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who took part.

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