Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Spam Spam and More Spam

Danger Ahead...
I occasionally share a list of amusing spam emails. Here are some of the latest. Use discretion when opening these kinds of messages -- and a good antivirus program. For best results, don't open them at all! I include their titles here, but did not open any of these emails.

Dear Confidant/Scam Victim
I love this one! Apparently they believe in telling you the truth right up front. You are a victim. What a timesaver.

Confirmation! Confirmation! Confirmation!

Because I might not pay attention if they just wrote Confirmation.

FBI Seeking to Wiretap Internet
Now, when I got this it was in all caps, but I wrote it like a title to fit my blog better. Which is another way you can tell if something is spam. It SCREAMS at you. Apparently, finding the caps lock key is too much of an effort for these folks.

Kind Request
Yeah right. Their kind request is for me to download their virus-laden attachment and/or click their malicious-site URL. No thank you.

Poverty Alleviation Program
I knew this was the real thing because it came from United Nation. Not Nations, mind you, but Nation. Although what this one nation is united with, I'm not sure. Maybe it's an internal thing. Anyway, I didn't open it. I prefer to alleviate poverty the old fashioned way -- by working.

Verification Notice
This type of notice should be considered seriously. No, really! If you just joined a website and are expecting a confirmation of some sort, it can be handy. But in my case, I got one from the Chief Justice of Nigeria. Somehow I don't think so. Gonna pass on that one.

Your Winning no: GB8701/LPRC
Okay, my winning "no" (which is an abbreviation for number -- but I digress) is right there. If you want to contact Australia Lottery Inc and claim it, be my guest. But I'm passing on that one too. Kind of hard to be a winner in something I'd never heard of, and hadn't played.
Use caution online

USPS notification #1880453, #5216533, #2116200

Three notifications for me in one day, all from ISPS Inc. Gee, they must be afraid I'll miss the packages they tried to leave for me. Maybe I should open this email and download the goody they sent me so I can claim it. I haven't had a virus in a while. On second thought, think I'll pass...

And there you have it. More spam spam and more spam from the wonderful world of email.

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