Friday, August 17, 2012

Life's A Beach: Rah Loves Water

Rah and a Floatie.
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Here's my idea for the beach theme. Izzorah "Rah" Ceeow is the younger hero of Surrender Love. In fact, he's twelve thousand plus years younger than his immortal hero, Luc Saint-Cyr. Like his lover, Rah is immortal, but he's a new creation. Also like Luc, he looks human at first glance, but a second look reveals he's a Kin. He has catlike ears, small fangs, hidden claws, and his skin is velvety soft, like golden plush. I thought it would be fun to see a few images that show him around water. Mixed in is an excerpt of the scene in Surrender Love where Rah and Luc meet for the first time. Clicking on the images will open them full sized in a new window.

Luc owns Lucsondis Entertainment. It's the Tarthian Empire's top provider of music, theater, and more. Rah is the drummer for Kumwhatmay, a rock group that has had a successful first year, and is about to sign a five-year contract. Luc had broken up with his previous lover about two months before. The last thing he expects on this usual day in the office is that his security chief's nephew will capture his heart, and change his life forever...
- - -
“Did he just call you Aunt Mynkoh?" Luc clasped both hands behind him. "Well, this is a surprise. Why don't you introduce me?"
"Mr. Saint-Cyr, this is Izzorah and Fletch Ceeow. Izzy's mother and Fletch's father are my sister and brother." She arched one brow; her ears canted out and back. "So you see, unlike the saying, not all Kin are cousins."
Rah at sunset
"Apparently not." He extended a hand to the dark-haired Fletch, who was reaching for him. Like the others, he wore formal business attire with a complicated Tyran knot in his silk tie. Few could tie it properly; this one was perfect. "Pleased to meet you, Fletch. You're not a member of the group, are you?"
"No, sir. Visiting with my cousin Izzy."
"Welcome to Lucsondis. I hope you enjoy your day with us."
"Thank you, sir."
Luc turned to the other Kin. "Which means you must be Izzorah, the drummer."
The young Kin held out his hand and tilted back his head to look up at Luc. Gentle face, softer than most Kin, but that square jaw and mouth bespoke strength. His hand trembled and felt clammy, a sure sign of fear.
Luc wrapped it with both of his in a reassuring grip. "Welcome to Tarth. I hope...uh, you..." The wide, cat-oval pupils and emerald green eyes pulled Luc down into their quiet depths. As if he stared into a deep and tranquil forest pool, all the tension of the day faded. Luc lost his train of thought completely, too drawn in to speak. He stood there, mesmerized, holding Izzorah's hand.
A peach-colored blush stole across the Kin's cheeks, and he lowered his gaze and withdrew his hand, breaking the spell.
Rah loves water
Luc cleared his throat. Get hold of yourself, old man! He bowed. "Welcome to Tar -- er, I said that." He grinned like an adolescent meeting his first crush. "I meant to For Women Only. No, wrong company. Sorry! I meant Lucsondis." Smooth, Luc. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Way to look stupid. "Forgive me. I've been all over this morning. So busy, I forgot where I was." He coughed into a fist. Pay attention, Luc. It's not like you've never seen a Kin hottie before. "Have you spent much time on Tarth?"
Izzorah peeked up at him. A thick fringe of black velvet lashes framed those bewitching emerald eyes. "I live here when I'm not touring. In the Kelthian District, with my cousin Trey." He nodded toward his cousin. "Fletch's big brother."
"Wonderful. It must be good to be near you."
Izzorah cocked his head, ears twitching. "Sir?"
"Uh --" Luc's thoughts tangled up under the impact of Izzorah's brilliant green eyes. What the hell did I say? This isn't like you, old man. Get hold of yourself! He shook his head to clear it. "It must be nice to be your family. I mean -- near your family." Geez, Luc. Get it together.
Waves capture Rah's attention
Izzorah broke into a full smile, and Luc was utterly lost, content simply to stare and enjoy Izzorah's beauty. No. It went far deeper than the surface appeal. The peace in Izzorah's eyes offered rest.
Luc smiled back, neither of them speaking.
 - - -
Surrender Love (a Tarthian Empire Story)
Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

From the Spambox: Another Amusing Title

Stop Spam!
Periodically, I do a blog post about funny spam. I get a kick out of reading the subjects in my email’s junk mail folder. Sometimes the wording clues you in right away that it’s bogus. Other times, you can tell by the “from” name that it's not someone you know, or that it’s not who it purports to be. For example, I doubt the real Federal Bureau of Investigation would send me an email advising me of the fact that they had a warrant for my arrest. Somehow, I think they’d just come and find me. Honestly, I don’t move around that much. It wouldn’t be hard for them to grab me at all.

But scam artists still try to fool us. Here are some amusing subject lines I’ve seen lately. (All spelling is exactly as it was in the original version.)

Okay... grave privacy violation? What, are we talking about grave robbers here? Someone maybe stealing headstones? To do what, exactly? Recycle? In case there might be another person with the same name who needs a headstone, and who died on the same date? No... somehow I don’t think it’s that kind of grave. But the word “agains” shows me that someone is either careless and doesn’t check spelling (against) or this is a non-English speaking translation. Either way, obvious spam.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see this message in my spam box. If you don’t know that, why are you sending me an email asking me for... what, exactly? To trust you with a small fortune? To smuggle goods out of the country? Or into this one? Good grief. I’m wondering as I write this if some random sweep by the FBI and my use of their name above with the words smuggle will trigger a visit. Or maybe this post will be viewed by Homeland Security? Of course, now that I’ve used both FBI and Homeland Security, I’m probably a goner for sure. Anyway, on to another amusing title from the spam filter.

I wonder if the spammers of the world know how much laughter they cause with titles like this. It made me literally laugh out loud. What the heck is this supposed to mean? Anyone want to hazard a guess?

Do you even want to know what this email is about? No. No, I didn’t think so. I didn’t either. Like 99.9% of spam, I deleted it unopened. But I did laugh. What is the .01% I do open? Things from friends that got mislabeled, or registration confirmations that were mis-sent to spam. That's about it. I am uber careful about what I open online.

We have a warrant...
Here's another unopened message that generated giggles. Riiiiight. I’ll get right on that. But first I have to take care of this vital email.

Yes, I am going to open your attachment. I haven’t caught any good viruses lately. I’m sure I’m overdue. Not.

Ever wonder why so many scammers and spammers use the word “dear” in the subjects of their emails? Is that supposed to make me believe you know me? For some reason, most of these are from individuals who add Mr. or Mrs. to their names in the from section, which is completely at odds with the friendly greeting.

I’m on this ASAP because even though I haven’t entered a sweepstakes contest in twenty years, I’m sure I’ve won something big and expensive. Can’t wait to see what it is!

And that concludes our selection of exciting spam messages this time. Be sure to stay tuned for the next edition of “From the Spambox.”