Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Home from MFRW Summer Camp

Want S'more?

Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed. 

That's the motto of my Yahoo group, Marketing for Romance Writers. We hosted "Marketing Summer Camp" over the weekend. From July 14th-15th, we enjoyed fourteen presentations and five open sessions for questions. Topics dealt with everything from Pinterest to piracy, and from writing better paranormal characters to finding your audience. It was intense, fun, and thought-provoking.

We gathered around a cyber campfire and toasted s'mores. But not to worry, our Promo Director, Karen Coté had her water pistol. ;) It did get grabbed by a few attendees during the more rowdy, fun bits - I think someone even filled it with cyber vodka. Or was that whiskey? Hmmm. All I can tell you is that even though the water pistol ended up in the cyber campfire at the end (with a nice little "POOF" due to alcohol in it) and the campfire itself is completely out -- the fire of excitement is still lit. Here's a rundown of what happened.
Coffee Time Romance

A few statistics

14 workshops
5 open sessions
3000+ messages in a forty-eight hour period (average:
600-800 a month)
12 (all volunteer) staff members
6 outside volunteers
9 publishers accepting pitches (after camp - more signing up)

If you missed the camp, you can find the downloads right here.

Romance Junkies
I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the members of my group for
being such wonderful hosts. The staff gave above and beyond. Our "Friends of Romance" Award winners gave out incredible prizes, and dozens more helped with giveaways and books.


Karen Coté, Promotions Director
Lynn Crain, Blog Director
Member Liaisons: Jeanne Barrack, Jean Drew, Heaven O'Shey,
Dawne Prochilo, RJ Garside
Newsletter Editor, Rochelle Weber
Proofers, Cat Gardiene, JJ Keller



Delaney Diamond Official Tweet Maven
The Romance Stud


Janet Elizabeth Jones: Role Playing Your Way to
Good Scenes
Julie Eberhart Painter: Multiple Submissions
Karen Coté Pinterest
Kay Dee Royal: Building the Paranormal Character
Kayelle Allen: Preparing for Interviews / Dealing with
Online Piracy
Lynn Crain Blogging
101 and Blog Tours
Marcia James: Niche Marketing
Mary Caelsto: Promos for Conferences
Maryann Reid: Romancing Your Audience
R. Ann Siracusa: Finding Your Audience
Rochelle Weber: Using the MFRW Newsletter for Promotion
Rolyn Anderson: QR Codes
Suzan Butler: Triberr

To join us, or to learn more:

We share knowledge.


  1. Kayelle my dear mentor. You rock my friend. You keep upping your game and we all benefit because you don't leave us behind. You take us with you. Big hugs and huge thanks for all that you are and all that you've made MFRW to be. I'm so proud to be a part. Love ya.

    1. Thank you, Karen. It was a pleasure. Hard work, too -- but a real pleasure. I'm honored to work with you.