Monday, June 25, 2012

Promo Opportunity for Authors Jun 27

It's New Book Day!

What is New Book Day?

A promo opp for new books released during the current month.

What is the RLF Group?

RLF stands for Romance Lives Forever. It's a Yahoo group where authors and readers can meet, talk, and share books. It's open for promo on Saturdays and Sundays, and on Mondays, publishers and author promo services are allowed to take over and share new books. If you pay for a service or assistant to promote you, tell them about RLF.

Who can take part?

All members of Romance Lives Forever who have a book released during the current month (1st - 31st). It repeats every month, so if your book is coming soon, mark your calendar.

What time does it take place?

Any time of the day from 12:01 AM to 11:59 pm during the 4th Friday of each month. (June 29th then July 27th, etc.)

Is this a one time deal?

Nope! This will happen every month on RLF from now until... well, look for those homeward bound cows, or until there is no longer an interest.

What can I share?

Up to three (3) promos, including excerpts, images, book trailers, and buy links.

What are the limits?

No more than three (3) promos per event. This group is in the adult section. We don't take kindly to *p*o*r*n or other taboo subjects (you know the list), but heat wise... straight, GLBTQ, all are welcome. We like it H-O-T! This opportunity is open to members only.

How do I join? (It's free!)

Short URL for Twitter and sharing:

Permission to share with author groups is happily granted!
RLF is owned by Kayelle Allen.


The date is June 29th for the first one, and JULY 27th for the next. My apologies! >_<


  1. I'll mark this down for when my next book arrives in October. Thanks for this opportunity!

  2. Okay, so is it tomorrow, or the fourth Friday of the month?

    1. *facepalm* I can't believe I did that!! I've bounced this all over the net and never caught that the date was wrong. >_<

      It's Friday the 29th, and the next one is July 27th. Thank you Liz!!