Monday, June 25, 2012

Promo Opportunity for Authors Jun 27

It's New Book Day!

What is New Book Day?

A promo opp for new books released during the current month.

What is the RLF Group?

RLF stands for Romance Lives Forever. It's a Yahoo group where authors and readers can meet, talk, and share books. It's open for promo on Saturdays and Sundays, and on Mondays, publishers and author promo services are allowed to take over and share new books. If you pay for a service or assistant to promote you, tell them about RLF.

Who can take part?

All members of Romance Lives Forever who have a book released during the current month (1st - 31st). It repeats every month, so if your book is coming soon, mark your calendar.

What time does it take place?

Any time of the day from 12:01 AM to 11:59 pm during the 4th Friday of each month. (June 29th then July 27th, etc.)

Is this a one time deal?

Nope! This will happen every month on RLF from now until... well, look for those homeward bound cows, or until there is no longer an interest.

What can I share?

Up to three (3) promos, including excerpts, images, book trailers, and buy links.

What are the limits?

No more than three (3) promos per event. This group is in the adult section. We don't take kindly to *p*o*r*n or other taboo subjects (you know the list), but heat wise... straight, GLBTQ, all are welcome. We like it H-O-T! This opportunity is open to members only.

How do I join? (It's free!)

Short URL for Twitter and sharing:

Permission to share with author groups is happily granted!
RLF is owned by Kayelle Allen.


The date is June 29th for the first one, and JULY 27th for the next. My apologies! >_<

Friday, June 22, 2012

Creating a Half Human Hero: Senth

Senth is HalfKin, a half human, half catlike alien.

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Summer Blog Event!

- - -

Senth Antonello, the hero of At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, is a HalfKin, half human and half Kin, a feline species. I wanted to introduce him in the book in such a way that you knew immediately he was different. I had him skulking around in shadows, which brought out some of his ultra senses. Here are the opening paragraphs.
SFR Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop

Sheathed in black, Senth checked left, then right before molding his body into the shadows near a brick wall. The human and feline Kin gangs in Crooktown hunted mixed breeds. At first glance he appeared human, but with his catlike eyes and fangs, no one could miss his feral nature. He tugged the hood of his cloak forward, concealing his eyes. In moonlight, they'd glow like a cat's.
Ffffftt this kkkhh!” The Kin cuss words hissed past his fangs. Where are you? Pressed against the wall, he slipped around a corner and into the alley.
Senth slid into the concealing darkness behind a barrel. His HalfKin senses caught the scent of his quarry before he saw him. He narrowed night-sensitive eyes.
Senth's human half brother leaned against the opposite wall of the rubble-strewn alley, silent and unaware of his presence. Khyffen's blond hair shone faintly in the muted light. A female pinned him, arms around his neck. She tore open Khyff's shirt and ran her hands over his chest, then went to her knees in front of him. Khyff opened his pants.
Yechh. Senth squatted at the base of the brick wall, folding himself into the tight space behind another barrel to guard his brother's back. Do you have to get your cock out now? If those gangs come down here… He leaned out from the barrel. Khyff had his fists clenched, eyes squeezed shut, and face lifted to the night sky, mouth open in a silent scream.
Hurry up, Bro. He rubbed the back of his gloved hand across his brow. Man, if I had to worry about a perpetual hard-on, I'd never get anything done. We've gotta get you off that drug. The one Senth's Sen'dai gave him had the opposite effect.
A scritch near his feet signaled rats. When one ran across the toes of his boots, Senth bared his fangs. He clamped down on a hiss before Khyff could hear it. From down the street the faint sound of a gang chant carried in the chill night air.
- - -
In four paragraphs, we've learned a lot about this character.
He's wearing black
He knows how to be quiet
He's in a dangerous part of town
He looks human at first
He has catlike eyes and fangs
He has a feral nature
He's concealing his eyes because they glow
He knows how to curse in the Kin language
He's sneaking around in the dark
He has a half brother who's human
He's curious about what his brother is up to
He's oddly uninterested in sex
His master keeps him on drugs to suppress his sex drive
He's wearing gloves and a hooded cloak
He doesn't like rats
He has good hearing
He has good night vision
He has a master -- does that mean he's a slave or an apprentice?
None of this info is presented as a dump of details -- it's all incorporated into the story. Creating an alien hero (or any character) is more about making the character understandable and relatable than about making them different. The small mentions of the things about Senth that are different emphasize the things about him that are the same as us. Creating an alien hero is a challenge, but one that can be a great deal of fun.
- - -

At the Mercy...

Antonello Brothers 1: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure (a Tarthian Empire Book)
Loose Id:
Get an electronic autograph for the Kindle version of this book at Kindlegraph
Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Erotic Romance, Action Adventure
Warning: Contains half-feline thief who plays with what he steals, and a by-the-book military heroine whose passion he liberates. Author not liable for items missing once book is open, including hearts.

The sequel to At the Mercy is For Women Only. Learn more about the book on my website by clicking the title. It features Senth's older brother, Khyff.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New EPIC Pricing Study Group Being Created

The Electronically Published Industry Coalition (EPIC) Board of Directors has authorized the establishment of a group to study issues pertaining to: distribution, percentages, pricing, discounts, etc. What is being done now? What SHOULD be the practice? What can/should EPIC do about it? The conclusions of this group should fit into the Strategic Plan for ACTUAL implementation, and will be voted on for inclusion in the Strategic Plan by the membership.

The group can be established as a one-shot deal, or it can be ongoing. However, we don't want the work to either drag on forever or be lost in the Yahoogroups bitbucket. So, there will be milestones to measure the effectiveness of the group's work.

Most of the members of this group should be industry members or self-published author members. All applicants for this group should have a strong background in publishing.

Once the group is formed, the president of EPIC will appoint a leader to guide it through to completion of the task. Milestones will be set by the board and the group.

Publishers and self-published authors, we need your expertise and clear thought.

Membership in EPIC provides many benefits. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Good Report from Home

Chilling at Home
Almost a week after being hospitalized for what my doctor thought might be a heart attack, I'm home, a little healthier, a lot wiser, and too tired to believe. A hospital is not the best place to rest. About the time you get to sleep, someone wakes you to test something, check vitals, or make sure you're comfortable. ^_^ Ironic, isn't it? 

Well, doctors discovered no blockages, but say my heart has been weakened. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It's possible my thyroid has problems that may have triggered some of this. I reduced my weight by 80 pounds over a four year period, and for two years, my weight had been steady, never rising or falling more than a 3-4 pounds. But since Nov 2011, I've gained 40 lbs. I'd have to gain over a pound a week to gain that much so fast. I don't eat enough to gain so much so fast. I have been increasingly tired, to the point I wondered if I might be anemic. (Docs ruled that out, too.) However, thyroid problems would explain my fatigue and weight gain. I'll be following up with my doctor next week.

 Right now, I'm on orders not to pick up more than 10 lbs, bend over, or stand for more than about 15 min at a time for the next four days. I'm doing what they say. I'll be offline most of the day after this post. Not going to be online much until Friday. That is harder than it sounds. My location on all my profiles says "at the keyboard" and that is so true. ^_^

I'm thankful to have had all this caught and not have had a heart attack. My advice to everyone, and especially to authors... Take care of yourself. Expect another health-conscious post after this. Okay, maybe more than one. I'm thinking about how authors hurt themselves by thinking they're as invincible as their characters. Might be some good material in that!

I want to give a shout out to Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA. The folks in the cardiac unit there are amazing. I was cared for, looked after, and taken care of in the most amazing fashion. If you are looking for a place to be treated professionally but with the utmost care, look no further.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Warning from the Hospital

From Kayelle Allen    I am writing this from a hospital bed. In the morning, I will have an angiogram. The doctors will thread a long tube through my arteries to get a better  look at my heart. For two months I have ignored chest pain, thinking it was panic attacks.  I finally called to set up appts and the nurse I talked  to convinced me to go to the ER. A simple test showed a heart blockage. I urge you not to put off getting acheckup. I did. It could have cost me my life.   I am lying in a bed writing this on a friend's tablet. Pardon the lack of pix or fancy formatting. I can't figure out how to add paragraphs. But I wanted to warn you and add a touch of reality to those nagging worries you might be having.  If you are worried take action. Do it now.