Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Have You Done Now, Kayelle? #Row80 050212

Row80 Update!
Funny how I can hear my mother's voice saying the title of this blog... ;) Well, except for the #Row80 part, anyway! But this time it's something good.

This week, I've written six blog articles, edited three chapters, written about 3000 words on my my wip, and spent my hour a day 5x a week writing. Notice writing or a form of the word is in that last sentence three times. Hard to say you're a writer if you don't write. I'm living up to my title.

Big accomplishment - I started a blog series / commentary on Fifty Shades of Grey (50S), comparing it to my own writing. After all, I know my own characters well,  and I've worked hard to ensure my alpha, Luc, is as alpha as I can make him and still keep him real. I'm qualified to comment.

Doing so means I've spent many hours writing (there's that word again). But if I'm a writer, that's what I do. I am also the founder / mentor / leader over on Marketing for Romance Writers. I answer posts there and discuss issues with the staff. I write sixty-seventy emails a day on various topics. Many times, I've started writing an answer or explained how to do something and realized that could end up being a great blog post. It's one reason I created this blog, and also share info on another, The Author's Secret. I love what I do, and enjoy sharing information, helping others, and encouraging them. It's my thing, and I'm happy doing it.

Sharing with Row80 compadres is one of the best things I do all week.
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  1. I love how often "writing" shows up in your check-in. You are, indeed, living up to the title! Nice!

  2. Good for you... I'm also so a sharer. :) Interested in the Shade of Grey phenomena. Annoying that feeble fan-fiction can lead to a sell out series of feeble romance/erotica when genuinely good writers still flounder unknown. I say this without having read any of it however, just what I've read about it. If you feel differently, don't be offended. :P I'm still interested in whether its any good and why however, so your series might be a good place to begin. I refuse to buy it at this stage.

    Great-going on your writing. X

    1. Shah,
      not offended in the least. Having finally (!!) forced myself to finish the book, I can say your assessment is spot on. I hate to add to its hype, but feel compelled to address issues. A client purchased the book for me so I could teach her what not to do. It's become a textbook of sorts. God help me, I hope I never write anything used as a bad example. If I did, I hope the person will be kind. I will endeavor to be. I hope you enjoy the series.