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Six Paragraph Sunday - Mehfawni

Mehfawni Ruh.
Ambassador Mehfawni Ruh is on Tarth to meet with the Conqueror, Empress Rheyn Destoiya, but first, a little time out for fun. The empress has arranged for her to visit The Chocolate Works, a male strip club. For the backwater Kin princess, this is a whole new experience, and one she's not altogether sure she's going to like.
- - -

Dreena leaned toward Mehfawni and gestured her closer. “The next act” -- she yelled over the escalating racket -- “is my favorite.” The place erupted in cheers, applause, whistles and shouts. “These guys are cousins and the youngest is hotter than a firestorm. His name’s Rooshkah and he’s mine.” She shrugged. “On nights I can afford him, anyway. Wait’ll you see this guy!” She stood and cheered.

“Ladies” -- announced a deep voice from the darkened stage -- “and all the rest of you wild animals out there” -- more screams punctuated the words, -- “the Chocolate Works proudly presents: Kin in Captivity!”

Kin dancer
The pounding rhythm of Kin drums rose. No other sound in the world matched their rich bass. Back home, only married males played them in public. The day of his wedding, when her brother Dallon joined their father and other married males in the clan for the ritual performance, she’d wept with pride for him. Here, fists pounded on tables in time with the sacred beat. As if the rumbling booms did not signal a call to the council fires of her family. Or call her to worship the creator, to join her clan in singing the ancient praises; or were a thunder of joy to announce the happy birth of a child. The other Kin delegates, representatives of her people, clapped their hands and laughed. Mehfawni’s ears laid back.

The stage began to lighten, revealing two colossal-sized Kin males dressed in white leather studded with blue beads. They stood with their backs to the audience, a long, thick chain linking their slave collars. They faced each other and then drew apart, revealing a third Kin, this one shorter. Their chains also linked him to them, connecting the three in a loop. The two tallest pulled at their chains, bodies grinding to the thundering drums.
Unable to break the links alone, the two in front teamed up and snapped the chain between them. The third Kin fell to his knees, clutching and tugging at his slave collar, head tossing, unable to free himself.

The two darker-haired males circled him, hips thrusting to the ponderous throb of raw sound. Each went down on one knee with the youngest cousin between them and, one at a time, wound his chains around their fists and freed him. Screams of delight rose in a crescendo of sound.
- - -
From For Women Only
Khyff is a master of pleasure with a tortured soul. Can Mehfawni redeem the man her people destroyed, or will he destroy her for trying?
Warning: this book contains smokin' hot sex, humor, and angst. This combination has been proven to be addictive. Author assumes no responsibility for the reader's battery consumption in adult toys while reading this book.
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Action Adventure, Multicultural, Interspecies
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