Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Blog Series: 50 Shades of Luc vs Grey

Luc Saint-Cyr
and shades
I'll be posting a commentary twice each week, Tuesdays and Fridays beginning next week. A client of mine via The Author's Secret wanted to know more about writing and what made the book 50 Shades of Grey(50S) a best seller. I told her there was a combination of things at work and that the writing itself was not what "made" the story. That prompted a challenge to read it and dissect the concepts and writing.

I'll be comparing the hero of 50S to my own hero, Luc Saint-Cyr. Because 50 shades of Luc would be too much for any mere mortal to handle all at once ;) I'll be sharing one aspect of each character per post. Likewise with writing. Luc is in six of my books, so I have plenty of material to choose from. I know him well. I will mostly refer to my book Surrender Love which was the 2010 EPIC eBook Award winner in Science Fiction Erotic Romance.

Likewise, I'll touch on the BDSM aspects. For the most part, I'll be quoting from experienced practitioners rather than using my own writing to illustrate the points here. If the practices described in 50S were to be followed in real life, would they be dangerous or harmful as some have said? We'll see.

My intention is to quote as little from 50S as possible. I do not intend to violate copyright by sharing long passages. I anticipate a sentence or two per post will be enough to show the differences. Look for 50S in the title of these posts. Graphic content will contain a warning at the beginning of the post.

I look forward to hearing from readers as I comment on this book and compare the two heroes.

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Image credit:
"Luc Saint-Cyr and Shades" art by Kayelle Allen
Luc 3D character created Janet Elizabeth Jones 
Cover Surrender Love by Anne Cain

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