Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding Joy - Update Rownd 2 April 18 #row80

Row 80
I'm updating my blog with info on my latest round of writing. I'm finding that Sundays are harder to update than I thought they'd be. Two weeks ago was Easter, and I was part of a blog hop - and then last Sunday was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, which I wanted to talk about. This coming Sunday I'm involved in another blog hop for Earth Day.

Perhaps Wednesday will be my only update day for a bit. No matter which day I report about it, I have good news.

I've completed over 30,000 words since beginning this challenge, and I'm close to finishing a novel that's been fighting me for ages. I'm excited about writing and determined to complete this challenge successfully. Finding a program that focused on action rather than outcome has made the difference for me.

It's not how many words I can write per day, per session, or per month. It's the dedication to the art of creating them. By not setting a word goal related to numbers, but to time spent in my chair actually writing, I've accomplished far more than a few words per day. I've been able to change my perception about my job (writing), and make it enjoyable again.

That's been the greatest result of this challenge so far, and the most unexpected. Finding joy.
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  1. Wow congrats on getting so much done...this is fantastic...I've never done this challenge but might try it.

    1. Thanks Savannah. I do not do NaNo because it seems like too much work for something I might not be able to do. I don't like that kind of outside pressure. But this... this let me set my own pace and still make a strong commitment, and have accountability. That made it worth doing, for me.

  2. Wow, excellent progress, Kayelle! That's a great change in attitude. Maybe I'll try it out and see what happens. :)

    1. Thank you Ruth. I've surprised myself with this one. The first few days, it felt like I was doing something wrong by shutting off the net to write, but once I got going, it dawned on me I'd had things backward. I am getting more done writing, and I'm more selective about what I do online. How did I not see this before? LOL It's been a big help for me. You can join Row80 at any point. Click the logo on the right sidebar to learn more about it. And another one will be starting later this summer, too.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the great writing conference advice you left over at my blog - much appreciated. I especially love the idea that, "You might be the best memory someone takes home from the conference," which reminded me that I'll be learning as much from other attendees as from the folks speaking and leading classes.

    Anyway, it's my first time here at you blog. Nice to meet you! Like you, I'm finding that Sundays just don't work as ROW80 check-in days for me. Sundays are my big offline play days. Much needed for my morale.

    I'm sneakily posting this comment while waiting on hold at work, but will certainly drop by here again. :)


    1. You're welcome. :) I'm glad you came by. It's always fun to meet new people. I liked your blog and wanted to leave you a comment that would help. When I went to my first convention, I had no clue - was dressed completely inappropriately, and felt like an idiot. I was intending to attend the writing function at DragonCon - and so went in a perfectly groomed corporate suit. To my shock, everyone there was dressed as characters out of scifi movies. Talk about being out of place! LOL. Live and learn. It would be just as bad to go to RWA dressed like a pirate - unless you were in the costume contest. It helps to understand the flavor of the con - each is different. I hope you have fun!