Friday, April 20, 2012

13 Ways You Can Go Green Blog Hop
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I recently read Michael Chrichton's book State of Fear, about global warming as a conspiracy by environmentalist groups. Much of the book made sense, and even knowing it was a work of fiction, I had to give some serious thought to things that I've been told about the subject over the years. But whether you are a die-hard Earth Day going-green fanatic or a conspiracy theorist, the bottom line is that we all have only this planet to live on, and we need to take care of it.

It makes no sense to trash limited resources -- or unlimited ones. Good stewardship is common sense. Why waste a good thing?

How Can I Maintain Resources?

Here are some simple suggestions.
  1. Wear clothing made from recycled material (available at many stores)
  2. Wear clothing made from organic material (natural cotton)
  3. Use recycled furniture (or buy used, or try given-to-you furniture)
  4. Eat free range food (eggs, chicken, beef, fish)
  5. Use less fuel in your car (drive carefully, no jack-rabbit starts)
  6. Use less fuel for your home (get heavier drapes, insulate)
  7. Reducing electricity use (turn off lights, heaters, A/C you're not using)
  8. Keeping items longer (not replacing with upgrades)
  9. Upgrading to better, fuel-saving technology when appropriate
  10. Reduce clean water use (think: would you waste this if you had to carry it in?)
  11. Reduce water use in your yard (lawn maintenance, washing car)
  12. Recycle plastics, glass, metal, and paper
  13. Read eBooks
  14. Read eBooks (saving paper, ink, and distribution costs)

How Green Are You?

Think you already do a good job? Want to find out how sustainable your personal lifestyle really is? Here's a "Footprint Calculator" that will allow you to answer a few questions and give you an idea of how well you manage your green lifestyle.

Okay, I've given you some ideas. Which of these do you think you'd pick? Leave a comment, and then click Next in the upper right corner of the page.