Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update on PayPal, Immortals, Teenagers, and the Election

Just Say No Way.
I'm a member of a group called Banned Writers. We are a coalition of writers, readers, publishers, and editors who have come together to fight against the economic censorship of erotic fiction by non-governmental organizations and entities who believe they have the power and the right to determine what adult men and women should be allowed to read.

We've joined with other organizations fighting the PayPal censorship movement and we are getting results. Doug Michelman, head of Investor Relations for Visa, responded to a message from our leader, Madeleine Morris.
- - -
Relevant to this situation, the sale of a limited category of extreme imagery depicting rape, bestiality and child pornography is or is very likely to be unlawful in many places and would be prohibited on the Visa system whether or not the images have formally been held to be illegal in any particular country. Visa would take no action regarding lawful material that seeks to explore erotica in a fictional or educational manner.

As you note in your letter, Visa is not in the business of censoring cultural product. We recognize, as courts in the U.S. and elsewhere have long recognized, that this is a challenging topic. Bright lines are difficult to establish. We welcome the input of all stakeholders regarding our policies as we work to sustain a network that supports global commerce, while respecting the laws of the countries where we operate.
[Read entire letter here]
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In other words, they are not the ones holding PayPal's leash.

PayPal has finally responded publicly to this debacle, but their answer is murky, unclear, and they obviously do not yet grasp the significance of the growing discontent of their user base. To see what their response is, click [here]. You won't be able to leave a comment; they have blocked responses.

We are making a difference. Keep talking, tweeting, spreading news on Facebook, and blogging. Tell people you do business with. Talk to everyone. Don't let them get away with this. And since you're reading this, come over and take a stand with Banned Writers.

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