Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snippet from Surrender Trust: Kissing in the Shower

Luc Saint-Cyr 
Here's a sneak peek at Surrender Trust, the sequel to Surrender Love. This particular scene was cut, but gives a nice idea of what to expect from Luc and Izzorah in the upcoming book.
- - -

Water droplets from the shower glittered on Izzorah's dark lashes like diamonds. He rose up to plant a kiss on Luc’s mouth, and lingered there, sweeping his cat-scratchy tongue inside.
Luc allowed him to control the kiss. Rah’s purr rumbled against Luc’s chest and into his mouth, setting Luc’s heart racing. He clutched Izzorah closer, ran one hand down his back, and cupped it around his hard ass, tugging him up against his cock.
Rah slid both clawed hands into Luc’s curls and fisted them, drew him down for a deeper kiss. He rubbed his pelt against his lover’s chest, holding Luc’s mouth captive by the raw power of his fierce embrace. He pulled back and nibble-kissed along Luc’s chin, licked the stubbly skin of his jaw.
“Oh, Luc,” he whispered against his mouth. “I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you.” He brushed his mouth against Luc’s, and then licked Luc's lips and jaw. “I can’t wait for you to take me again, make love to me. I want to give myself to you.” He shook his head, leaning back to meet the man’s gaze. “You’re like a feast-day. I hardly know where to start.”
Luc grinned. “How about at the top, and then we’ll work our way down?”
“Mmm, that sounds good.”
Without preamble, Luc spun him around and moved Rah so that he had both hands against the wall, legs spread. “There. Now, you stand still while I bathe you, and then we’ll switch.” He lathered shampoo in his hands, and dug his fingertips into the Kin’s scalp, taking care not to let suds reach his eyes. “Feel nice?”
“Mmm.” Rah leaned back into Luc’s hands, unresisting.
“Good.” He worked the lather into his lover’s hair, careful to reach every part. Rah lowered his ears to keep out the soap. “Okay, close your eyes.” Luc used a hand-held shower to rinse his hair. “Not stinging, is it?”
Rah shook his head, sending water across his broad shoulders.
He wrapped his arms around Rah and leaned him back so he could kiss him over his shoulder, and was rewarded when Izzorah whimpered with desire against his mouth.
- - -
Surrender Love
Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.
In the beds of countless lovers, the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr has been mastered as well as master, commanded as well as commander. When his mortal lover leaves him, the distraught Luc withdraws and devotes himself to work. His entertainment company throws a ceremony for their most successful rock group, and Luc meets drummer Izzorah "Rah" Ceeow, one of the feline Kin race. Rah's dark hair and velvety, golden furskin captivate Luc. Pert cat's ears and a quick smile lighten his mood, and one look into Rah's emerald eyes, deep and tranquil as a forest pool, and troubles cease.
He suspects the mid-twenties male is a virgin, and Luc, fascinated by Rah's quiet serenity and lack of guile, longs for a deeper, closer relationship. Savoring Rah's surrender will be as delicious as taking him. Luc will force nothing. Rah will give himself to Luc when he is ready to surrender his innocence, to capitulate every part of himself to Luc's command. Rah will open himself and let himself be taken. Luc's anticipation and desire are palpable; as real as his hunger for faithful, unconditional love. But to gain Rah, how much of himself is Luc willing to surrender?
Heat Level:  R=graphic sex, plus extreme cuddling, tenderness, and the seduction of a virgin who knows exactly what -- and who -- he wants.
This book is the 2010 EPIC Award Winner in Science Fiction Erotic Romance
Love Romances & More, Best SciFi/Futuristic 2009 Runner Up; Winner "Best Cover"
Romance Junkies Reviewers' Favorite List 2009


  1. Oh wow. I've missed these guys! I hope this is coming soon. Can't wait to read more!

  2. Sounds like you've read Surrender Love. I'm glad you're waiting for them. Luc and Izzorah are fun to write!

  3. I have! I loved this book!!

    1. Thank you. ^_^ That makes my whole day. *note to self -- keep writing!*