Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little Pet Humor - Woolyboogers

A Woolybooger. 

 How about a little humor?
- - -
A man goes into a pet store and says he wants something unusual for his wife, who's been in a bad mood lately.

The owner points toward the back. "I have a new creature called a Woolybooger. You gotta see this."

The man follows him to the back of the store, and in a small cage sits a blue thing with pincers and one giant eye.

"Man, that's ugly. What does it do?"

"Watch this." The owner opens the cage, puts down a stuffed toy, and says, "Woolybooger, that toy."

The Woolybooger jumps on it, fangs protrude from beneath it, it uses its pincers, and tears the toy to shreds in seconds.

The man claps a hand over his mouth. "Wow! That's amazing! I'll take it."

He gets home, and puts the cage in the middle of the living room, and waits for his wife.

She drives home in terrible traffic, gets a ticket, and can't find a place to park in the apartment complex. By the time she gets inside, she's had it. She takes one look at the thing in the cage, and lets out a screech. "What the hell is that?"

The husband grins. "Watch this." He opens the cage and points to the ottoman. "Woolybooger, that ottoman."

The creature jumps on it, fangs protrude from it, the pincers go into action, and in seconds, the ottoman is shreds on the floor.

The husband folds his arms. "Well, honey? What do you think?"

"What did you say that ugly thing was?"

"A Woolybooger."

His wife turns her back, irritated beyond belief. "Woolybooger, my ass."