Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's the Weekend and I...

Relaxing on the Weekend.
Finish this sentence. It's the weekend, and I... Depending on what weekend and what's going on in my life, it could be anything from "have a class to attend" to "will be in class."

Weekends are my busiest times. My Yahoo groups are jumping Saturdays and Sundays. On Romance Lives Forever, it's promo weekend, so I'm approving messages and/or reading them. My moderator, Jean Paquin, takes care of most moderating duties for me (and God bless her abundantly for it). But I do check the group frequently and respond when I see messages in queue.

Marketing for Romance Writers gets a lot of attention as well. Many authors have day jobs and therefore are busy online on the weekends. They drop into MFRW for a quick piece of advice, or they read a message that asks for help and they take a minute to respond. It's a wonderful group, and the volunteer staff is terrific. I love each of them for their caring attitudes and service.

This weekend, I'm updating my website and working on a book trailer. Next weekend I have a class to attend. I'm learning how to create and play a role-playing game. This is research for a book series. The game I play is called Imagine, and I'm fortunate that the player group I hang out with meets in the basement of the Imagine creator's house. Talk about a unique learning opportunity! And of course, I'll be writing.

What do you do on the weekends?


  1. Pretty much the same things I do on weekdays--promote the books, read way too many emails and try to keep tabs on my daughters on Facebook! ;)

    1. Oh wow. That sounds suspiciously like me. ;) My kids are on Facebook but only one is friends with me. I'm on there as the author and not the mom. I think they're skeert their friends will find out mom writes erotica. LOL Thanks for dropping Celine.