Friday, February 24, 2012

What's New in M/M? Authors Share Their Books

Share Your Book Details.
Welcome to the monthly share feature. On or about the 24th of each month, I'll be asking fellow authors to share their blurbs and buy links in the comments section of my blog.

This month, the focus is on M/M. If you have a book of the male-male persuasion (in any genre), feel free to share it here.

We'd like to see:
Book title:
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Readers are welcome to leave questions or comments. We'd love to hear from everyone.


  1. Hi Kayelle,
    Thank you for the chance to share on your blog!

    Author: Kate Hill
    Book title: Cactus Juice
    Publisher: Changeling Press
    Genre: Erotic Shapeshifter

    Stranded on a desert road, Adrian meets a sexy biker who offers him a ride in more ways than one.

    On his way to a yearly ritual, Eric didn't expect to find a handsome stranger lost in the Mojave. A night of fantastic sex turns to love, but Eric has a supernatural secret and despite his magical trip to the desert, Adrian refuses to believe in the paranormal.

    By the law of the desert spirits, a man who shares his seed with anyone but the brotherhood or his one true love forfeits his extended life. Will Eric's love end his supernatural existence, or will Adrian join him as his eternal mate?

    Buy Links:

    1. Kate, that sounds really good! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Author: Helgaleena
    Title: The Incredible Heidi Wasabi
    publisher: Dark Roast Press
    genre: paranormal contemporary menage
    Shakti or succubus? Faithful spouse or figment of the imagination? Whatever she is, Rufus and Steen would not have made a grand success in their chosen profession, as the stars of the heavy metal band Virgen Steel, without Heidi. And they probably never would have gotten married - to each other, anyway. This is their incredible story.

    buy link and excerpt

    1. Nice blurb! I wish we had a way to leave images in comments, don't you? Thanks for sharing, Helgaleena.