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Pietas, Lord of the Immortals

Pietas, Lord of the Immortals.
Pietas ap Lorectic was introduced in the book For Women Only. He's a physically beautiful immortal male who appears young, despite being over twelve thousand years old. He and his twin sister were the last known naturally conceived and born Ultras.  I say "last known" because when humanity decided to eradicate the genetically designed warriors, thousands fled deeper into space, and no further record of them exists.

The name Pietas comes from the word "pieta", meaning "representation." A famous statue by Michelangelo called "The Pieta" represents a dramatic event in Christendom. Another word for "pieta" is "creation." Pietas was considered (at his birth to two supposedly infertile warriors) to be the highest creation, the epitome of success. His mother, Helia hid her pregnancy from all but a close circle of other warriors, fearful of what might happen if humans discovered she was fertile.

Unknown to Helia, she carried twins. A female child was delivered only minutes after Pietas, and she was considered a delight, and a good omen. She was named Dessy from the root word decet (dess-say) meaning good or proper. We know her today as Empress Rheyn Destoiya, or the Conqueror. She detests being called Dessy. Pietas makes a point of calling her that to irritate her.

Pietas, Destroyer of Worlds
Pietas and Dessy's father is Mahikos. Those who've read Surrender Love had an opportunity to meet him. Helia will appear in an upcoming book. (Psst. Don't tell Pietas or Dessy.) They have no idea Mom and Dad have ever left the home planet, and would be outraged if they knew what the folks were up to behind their backs. You know how parents are, always sticking their noses into their children's private affairs.

Other, more appropriate names for Pietas in human history are Marauder, Impaler, Hammer of God, Soul Ripper, Destroyer of Worlds, Slayer of Innocents, and Hound of Hell. He is mentioned in the Tales of the Chosen series, and Surrender Love. There is a love-hate relationship between Pietas and Luc Saint-Cyr, whom Pietas insists on calling by his Sempervian name, Cyken. 

I created a page with details about him, including how connected he is to the fictional anti-hero/villain Prince Nuada, Silverlance, son of King Balor, from the film Hellboy II, the Golden Army. I wrote my character Pietas four years before this film was released, yet they are eerily similar. Perhaps the essence of a great villain is something good storytellers understand. I have the film, and on this page, explain how I used it to further my study of Pietas. Ideas for Pietas

Here's a video that tells a bit more of his story.

For custom wallpaper of this handsome but evil non-hero, visit my website's wallpaper page. The two shown on this page are small versions of the originals. The one at the top of the page is currently on my own computer's desktop.

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