Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deleted Scene: Senth and NarrAy

NarrAy Jorlan. 
This scene was deleted from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure. It's posted here for the first time.

- - -
In the published book, Captain NarrAy Jorlan meets with Luc Saint-Cyr and Senth at a coffee shop adjacent to the Thieves' Guild. But in this version, they were to meet at the Starport.

Here's an inside secret: the starport on Kelthia is named Starhaven Leojnimaj. That is the names of my sons Jamin and Joel combined, backward.

NarrAy's last name, Jorlan, was chosen in honor of the hero of Dara Joy's book Ritual of Proof.
- - -

Kelthia, Miraj City, Starhaven Leojnimaj

Coffee Shop, Concourse D
"Anything yet?" NarrAy held a cup of coffee in front of her mouth to hide her words. She wore a plain black dress with long sleeves and a lace collar, hidden beneath a black hooded cape.

"Nothing yet." Broxus answered from the south terminal.

"No sign." Encie made ticking sounds in the transmitter. "He's late."

"We'll give him two more minutes."

"You're too easy, boss." More ticking.

What the hell is that noise? NarrAy scanned the area. "Encie, I thought you said you were trying to quit chewing on your nails."

"I'm not chew-- Hey. How did you know I was doing that?"

"You may be on the north side of the concourse, but I can see you between the lockers." She blew on the coffee.

"Crap." Her assistant stood up straight and glanced around. "I forgot about those eagle eyes of yours." 

"Yes, well, it was my eagle ears that heard you nibbling."

"Nibbling what?" Senth's voice said behind her. He dropped into a chair beside her.

She set down her coffee so fast it spilled. "Where the hell did you come from?"

"Cohorts didn't see me coming?" His inviting mouth stretched into a smile. "Thief, remember? If those two could spot me, I wouldn't be worth what you're paying." He moved a napkin over to sop up the coffee.

Brox's and Encie's questioning voices were breaking into her concentration. "He's here. We're leaving." She started to rise, and Senth moved to her side at once, to assist with her chair. Well. A thief with manners. This will be an interesting trip.
- - -
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