Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reality Quotient : My Characters' Occupations

Luc Saint-Cyr - an extraordinary entrepreneur.
Author friends Melisse Aires and Tracey H Kitts each did blogs on what their characters do for a living. Occupations take up probably a third of our waking hours, so by default, most writers include something about what the characters do within the story. It makes it more interesting to have something unusual or unique.

I started thinking about my various heroes, what each of them does, and how well what they do fits into our current reality. Would what they do be something we do in our culture? Well... that depends on where you live and how much money you have, but here's a quick list for you. I divided it into heroes and heroines. Because I write M/M as well as M/F, I had more names in the heroes list. To balance that, I added females who had a large part in their respective stories.

The Reality Quotient ranks from 0 (for "yer-kiddin'-me,-right?" to 3 (for "it-could-happen").

Luc Saint-Cyr - entrepreneur. His Reality Quotient looks good if you consider only his title, but... he's also the wealthiest man in the Tarthian Empire, owning more companies on his own than any conglomerate you can name. That doesn't include his own conglomerate, Lucsondis Enterprises. People joke about Luc that he "could buy a planet." Probably few -- er, strike that -- probably no readers out there with this kind of wealth.
Reality Quotient: 0 (Sorry, Luc, but you are one of a kind.)

Izzorah with his drums.
Izzorah Ceeow - drummer. Izzorah started out as a runaway seeking asylum on an alien world. He made his way from Felidae to Tarth, found two of his cousins, and bunked with them until he could find a way to make money. Because of music lessons his parents had provided, he knew how to play human-type drums. It was considered proper training for a young male to learn how to entertain, and because he begged hard, his parents allowed him to take up the noisy lessons. It took him years to get a gig as a permanent player with Kumwhatmay, but the group eventually hit it big.
Reality Quotient: 3 for being a drummer, 2 for the alien aspect if you apply it to Earth's various cultures (0 if applying it to alien worlds).

In another installment of this idea, I'll talk about other heroes and heroines.

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What's my personal Reality Quotient?
On the scale of 3 I've been a waitress (I lasted 2 entire days - LOL), and on the 0 scale, I worked on fighter aircraft in the Navy, as a member of VFP-63 ("The Eyes of the Fleet") in San Diego -- back in the day. I've also been a secretary, file clerk, insurance biller, full-time mom, wife, and let's not forget author.

What kind of jobs have you held? Would they be a 0 ("yer-kiddin'-me,-right?") on the Reality Quotient? How about a 3 ("it-could-happen")? What have you done that's in between?


  1. Love your Reality Quotient!

    Hmm, I taught a one room school in Montana, just like Laura Ingals on Little House on the Prairie. Not sure where that puts me on the scale!

    My scariest job was working door to door on a telephone directory. Some people REALLY didn't want their name in the directory.

    1. LOL I can imagine the directory door to door was fun. ;o So you and Laura Ingals were teachers on the prairie? Who da thunk it? ^_^