Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Book? What Are YOU Writing?

TRAIL - Trace, Rescue, and Identification League.
I'm currently working on a new series, while also continuing work on a book under contract. I kept getting "stuck" and so many friends suggested that I try switching to another project for a bit that I decided to go with it.

The logo/art is by my son, Jamin Allen of Nimajination Studios.

The new series is about TRAIL, a company that exists in the far future, and is contemporary with my Tarthian Empire series. The two do not overlap, and take place on different sides of the galaxy.

I will soon have a page on my website for TRAIL, but for now, here's some insight. The meaning of the acronym TRAIL is Trace, Rescue, and Identification League. However, rival companies and independent agents have their own versions. Most common is Thieves, Ruffians, Assholes, Irritants, and Losers, followed by Their Roughneck Arbitration Is Laughable. The official company response is to grin and bear it, laughing while you cash your fat paycheck. The unofficial response is a quick jab to the mouth. Scars on knuckles are a thing of pride among agents.

The structure of TRAIL is formed loosely around the principle that independence is a good thing, provided it's not taken too far -- or too seriously. Agents report to a Field Director, who reports to the Board, the members of which are ultimately responsible to the President. No more than two steps are ever required for a decision, no matter how weighty. Agents have full authority to act with extreme prejudice if necessary to carry out their missions. That said, any time a death is involved, an outside agency steps in to confirm both the kill and the neccessity for it, occasionally resulting in more scarred knuckles.

The outside agency policing TRAIL's missions which result in a "negative life impact" (i.e., death) is STOP, Synthetic Technicians Optimized for Peacekeeping. TRAIL agents refer to the emotion-denied android group as Suspending, Terminating, and Omitting Pleasure.

TRACE is an officially disavowed department of trained assassins and snipers inside TRAIL, whose motto is "Without guilt." TRACE stands for Target Removal Assistance Classified: Extreme and these agents are the favorites of many world governments.

My plan is to self-publish TRAIL stories, and to begin with a giveaway short story. I'll detail that as the date nears.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what others are working on. If you have a new series, new book, or just want to share your FF&P, SciFi, Fantasy, or Romance novel, feel free to leave links, blurb, and buy info in the comments. 


  1. My PG writing persona has been working for a while on a YA Sci-fi novel/series... I may even finish it before 2012 (and the Mayan calendar) is over! ;)

    On my "adult fiction" side, I'm at a crossroads. I'd love to keep writing more in my humorous, science fiction series Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures, but the sales don't warrant it. I have ideas for other books (including resurrecting my vampires and Paranormal Lovers of St. Louis series), so I may go that route. I need the readers to help me decide. (I have a poll going at my blog now for readers to help me out, too: )

    Good luck with both your blog and the TRAIL series, Kayelle!

    Cynthianna/Celine Chatillon

    1. Thank you, Celine. I like your poll! Hard to tell with sales sometimes. A book that doesn't do well at first may turn out to be an overall best seller. I had that happen with my book Alitus. It was the middle book of a trilogy. It didn't start out very strong, but has gone on to be a consistent champ in sales, and has racked up some beautiful reviews. In all, it has higher reviews than either book one or two. Who knew? At the time, I was disappointed that it didn't take off like a rocket the way the first book did. Now, looking back, I realize time was on its side. Those who want to know more about it can visit the page for it on my site.

  2. I've just started on an African Steampunk novella, which I hope to have drafted by the end of February. I've beta notes on a sci fi romance to deal with and edits on a contracted Steampunk coming soon.

    TRAIL sounds really interesting. I'm developing my own series, which I plan to self-publish, but mine is more paranormal (think Eureka meets Supernatural, only with death gory death LOL) I've not done a whole lot of planning on it yet - been too busy writing stuff!

    1. African Steampunk. Now there's a unique crossover! This sounds very interesting.

  3. The new series sounds like great fun - just my sort of read.
    I write technical books on horse training, but I've always wanted to break into the fiction market and have decided to go for it with kindle.
    I have a fantasy novel, THE PRINCE'S MAN (best described as LOTR meets James Bond) sitting around as my agent failed to place it so I'm formatting that for epublishing while finishing my latest, an Urban Fantasy about a water elemental, titled DESPRITE MEASURES.
    I'm also working on getting another website (for my fiction) up and running, then a blog, plus learning about building a platform outside my usual readership.
    Phew! So much to do!
    But I love it!

    1. I can't imagine a more fun read than LOTR meets James Bond! LOL I'm looking forward to it. Deborah, you do have your work cut out for you on setting up. Good luck with all of it, and keep me posted on books.

  4. I'm working on the 2nd novella in my UK trilogy of romantic suspense stories, COMING HOME. The 1st, HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION, is contracted with Decadent Publishing and will be out in the spring. COMING HOME is set in my mom's hometown and I'm having a blast working on it! Hopefully the publisher will love it as much as I do!

    1. Alexa,
      I had no idea what Romantic Suspense was for a long time. All I knew was that I liked stories with a fast pace that kept me guessing what would happen next, and held danger and intrigue. When someone noticed the book in my hand and said, "Oh, you like Romantic Suspense," I did a double take. I think I said something intelligent like "I do?" LOL I knew there were certain authors whose work I could count on for that kind of story, but strange as it may seem coming from another author, I didn't have a clear idea what Romantic Suspense was like as a genre. I do now, and it ranks among my favorite types of book to read.